Happy Anniversary to me!!!!

Guess what! I just looked back at my posts and yesterday was my one year anniversary of blogging! Woo Hoo! That's pretty cool to me-I didn't realize that it had been a year. And what a year it was! I guess that's why we blog, heh? I love looking back at what I've written and posted pictures of...like a diary. I guess now that I've done that, I really have to stick to my promise... more posts, coming up.

BTW------for anyone who cares....4 DAYS TILL STAGECOACH!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!CAN'T WAIT!!!


Shan said...

I care, I care, I care!!!!!!! yeeeeeehaawwwwwww :}

lindsey cheney said...

what is stagecoach?