Stagecoach, here we come!


For those who are curious, Stagecoach is a 3-day country music festival in the middle of the CA desert-Indio. My sister Shannon and I went last year with some friends of ours and had a blast, so we decided to do it again! We're leaving tomorrow afternoon with our friend Cathi (Shan's BFF), staying at a friend's house in Palm Desert and going to sit at the Polo Fields all day, enjoying some of our favorite country music. We are so excited! Here are some pics of last year's trip....

Yeah, that's us with Sean Parr and Robin Banks from Go Country 105. Yeee hawww!!!

1 day to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!

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Catherine said...

Have fun!! Wish I could be there. Maybe next year - I'll just bring ear plugs and go purely for the girl time fun! :)