The 7 meme (AKA TAG)

Okay, I've been tagged. I have no idea what "meme" means (neither does anyone else apparantly), but here goes...

I was tagged by Lindsey.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Here are my seven facts...

1. I sleep with one leg out of the covers and one under. It keeps me perfectly temporate, I have found!

2. I am a chronic snacker (duh!), but not always on the same things. My munching tastes change weekly, sometimes daily. Sometimes I'm salty, sometimes I'm sweet. Kind of descirbes my personality, heh?

3. It is 100% physically impossible for me to tan. I've tried everything there is and I burn, peel, return to my lovely casperish hue again no matter what I do.

4. I've had a crush on Jason Bateman almost my entire life and still do. I sometimes watch Dodgeball just so I can see him. I chose him over Ricky Schroeder every time, and still would today.

5. I sing full out in my car when I'm alone, as if I'm onstage. I am that lunatic you watch and laugh at while sitting next to them at the red light. I do it with pride, but draw the line at drumming the dashboard.

6. I have baby quilts I started for each of my children before they were born and have never finished any of them...they are now 14, 12, and 10. I got the squares cut out and some are even sewn together, but alas, that "perfect day" to finish them has never come.

7. I am crazy obessessive about having my desk at school totally clean at the start and end of each day. My house is a mess, my room is a mess, my car is a mess, but there is something about starting the day with a clean desk and going home knowing your desk is clean. This is a fairly new thing for me, but I can't function all day long if I start off with a messy desk. Weird.

Anyway, that's me. I only have 3 blogging friends that I know of and I think they've all been tagged by Lindsey! So I guess I'll email my friends and have them post on their MySpace or post back here to me as a comment?!?!?!? I will tag...
any other friend on my email list that I feel like!

Thanks Linds-this was very therapeutic!


Happy Mother's Day

Well, another Mother's Day has come and gone. I sincerely hope that all you mothers (and mothers-to-be) had a wonderful day. Mine was not so great--I got a big screen TV. While this in itself is not so bad, I've come to realize that the only reason I got it is because my husband and two boys wanted it. Granted, we had a 19 inch TV sitting in our gigantic front room and we did desparately need a bigger TV, but for Mother's Day? I'm sorry, but I'm questioning Donald's motives. The day got a little worse after that, but I really can't get into that right now, unless you want to read another massive blog from me. Rest assured that it ended nicely, with most of us hanging out at Mom's playing the worlds longest UNO game (still no winner as of this writing) and a watermelon seed spitting party. Dad and Daveed cooked, and we ate. It was yummy! Hope everyone's day was a little better than mine, and that you were showered with love! After all, that's what the day is all about, isn't it? I guess I shouldn't make it all about the big screen TV. I'll get over it, eventually......