Prayers Coveted!

Well, today's the day. Today my BFF of 20 years is moving to Arizona to start a new life with her family and new baby. I'm filled with so much emotion-mixed, of course. On one hand, I'm super excited for her and her family to get another chance to get it right. They've got a nice big house (5 bedrooms!) and a new baby GIRL on the way-I can't wait to see what God has in store for them. On the other, I'm sad because she's leaving. The selfish part of me wants more than anything to keep her here.

Our kids have been best buddies since birth

and we have been through so much together-including scrapbooking adventures, working concerts,

and teaching together this year-I can't imagine not seeing her everyday! My heart is very heavy this morning and I get dressed and packed-the kids and I are loading up and helping them move-I can't stop crying-I'm a mess. I'm sure it will go fine and we'll have a great couple of days together-but it won't be the same. I also know that she'll be back in 2 weeks and then again in May to have the baby, but it's still a good-bye that I'm not looking forward to. So, on that note-I covet your prayers. Please pray for her-she's got a big burden to bear and a lot of work to do, especially being pregnant! Pray for the transition to go smooth for the boys-they've been through a lot. Pray for Cath and her hubby Marcus-that they work together and enjoy making this new house their home. Pray that they get plugged in to a church community right away. I guess, just PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! I know that God is good, He is faithful, and He will provide-pray that she will trust in that too-help her to see the bigger picture and see that God has a plan. Pray for the rest of us that love them to be able to see that too! I'm going to miss you Cath! :(