News on the forum front...

Well, life is pretty boring in my gigantic forum world I joined. I actually think it's TOO big. I posted a couple of things and responded to a couple of things, got a few responses, but overall, I was pretty bored with it. I guess if I had the time to log in every day and become "friends" with these people, it would have been better, but I had a hard remembering to go on, and then finding the time. And it really truly is like a sorority and I did not feel entirely welcome. They politely answered my questions and that's about it. O well. One experiment down, on to a new adventure!

On the positive side, the scrapoholic in me discovered a new site to look at fun scrapping things and possibly make a purchase or two. I get a weekly "deal" email from the site and they offer ALOT of stuff. Not that I need anything...see previous post..but one can always window or "web" shop, right? BTW-I'm almost done organizing the scrappin' joint (my new name for my bench)..it's turning out pretty nice! :) I'll try to post new pics this weekend (after my last technology class, which, by the way, is tomorrow and I haven't even STARTED the projects that are due tomorrow). Maybe I needed to find a procrastinators forum?!?!?!?!?