Back to life as we know it...

Yes, it's that time of the year again...the summer has ended and we are all back to school, including me. I've actually been back since August 18th (yes, I know that's early) and started school on the 26th. My fourth grade class has 25 students this year, 15 boys and 10 girls and so far, we're doing okay. They are each so cute and different, and they talk ALOT, but I'm slowly whipping them into shape. Monday night is my back to school night, so that explains why I've been underground for the last few weeks. Prepping for the first few weeks of school (even have done some over the summer) is very stressful and time-demanding. Luckily, I'm just about set for the year, and slowly gaining some of my personal time back (for now).

As for the kids, Ben started school last Wednesday (7th grade-YIKES!!!) and DJ (8th grade) and Taylor (10th grade) went back on Thursday. I hate to admit this, but I was WAYYYYYYYYY ready for them to go back to school. I think they were, too. (They'll deny that to their graves, by the way)

This last summer was pretty boring for us...we went on a short trip to AZ to visit the Brattons in July and a quick weekend trip to SLO to visit Sean and Linds and the kids in August, and other than that, we didn't do much. The kids got pretty lazy and bored. I tried to do some fun things, and let them go places w/friends, but most of their friends were gone alot, and it's hard to do things on a budget. Hence, a lot of home time. We were kind of sick of each other and ready to have a scheduled life back. I'll whisper this right now, and I'll never admit it publicly, so don't even ask, but I much prefer a scheduled life to just laying around. Back in the days before I taught and had to work year-round, we lived for days home-pjs all day, popcorn, junk TV, and lounging around. Now that we're home all summer, we've started trying to manufacture activities to break up the boredom. It's also harder when I'm supposed to be working from home. I have yet to master that-I'm not cut out for it, I don't do it well, and I would prefer not to. I also have very little interest in Donald's side business of sports cards and memorabilia, so that's another thing. But I did my best, that's all I could do. And I'm extremely glad to be back at school.

BTW-the Etsy shop is going well...I've sold 3 rolodexes, some mini albums, and some cards. Granted some of it was to family members and friends (thanks girls!), but I did sell to some complete strangers. Yeah! In fact, the store's pretty empty right now-hopefully I'll have some time coming up to get more stuff listed. Thanks for asking about it and for checking it out! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone....I do have some pics from events from the last few weeks...I'll get them posted soon! :)