Yes, they do sleep!

Quick little blog to show you that there is still some sweetness in this world....

Have a great day!


I'm on Etsy!!!

Yes, that's right, I have joined the Etsy world. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Etsy is a website where people sell handmade items-kind of like an Ebay but not as commercial and only for handmade and vintage items. Catherine and I have decided to start a scrapbooking business and we're starting it on Etsy. The name of our company is "just add you". Cute, heh? Our main items will be custom scrapbooks, custom page layouts, handmade cards, and custom rolodexes. Here's an example of the rolodex I make....this one was made for Lindsey for her birthday. It's a birthday rolodex....

So, check out our Etsy shop. The website is www.justaddyou.etsy.com. Watch in the days to come for more items added like mini albums, cards, and more! Wish us luck and spread the word!!!!!

No, we're not camping..we just look like it!

Last weekend, the kids and I decided to go crazy and "campout" in our backyard. Some friends of ours (Barb and Keith) gave us a portable fire pit and I decided to put it to use. So, after several feeble attempts, we finally got it lit and had ourselves a great time! We had BBQ style chicken and veggies and then some s'mores! We even got Donald to join us! We spent some time stargazing and relaxing-it was super fun! Don't you wish you were us! :)