Thank You Cards

So I thought it was time that I shared a little bit of my scrapbooking passion with you. I am making Thank You cards for Courtney for all of her baby gifts. I really really love scrapbooking and I am recently grown to love making cards. If you're on our Christmas list, you got a taste last year of what I've been experimenting with. Anyways, Courtney's showers were all baby blue and brown, so I thought I'd make cards to match. I have recently purchased a couple of new tools that I wanted to show off, so here goes...I have this new amazing cutting machine called a Cricut (pronounced cricket)-it's so awesome! You buy different font cartridges and type in what you want to cut out, like names, letters, etc. In this case, the cartridge I used had a "Thank You" on it and I cut it out to be a hanging tag with a little crown at the top. The first picture is a picture of the cricut cutting out the brown hang tags I used. The second cool tool I used is a "tagger". This is similar to the taggers that retailers use to hang price tags, but it's made just for scrapbooking, is pink, and comes with cute little different color "tagger tails". I have had so much fun using this! So, I assembled the cards, cutting out the squares of patterned paper (most of which was scraps from the shower decorations), and gluing them on. After that I punched out the "thank you" tags and then hung them on the cards with the tagger. I added a few extra embellishments like buttons and ribbons to the ones that seemed a little boring. Here are some pictures of the cards I made (close ups are of my favorite ones). Hope you like them Courtney!