Check this out!

I was driving home with Benny on Monday night and we were struck by how awesome the sky looked. He said it looked "like the gates of Heaven were opening up for us". It was truly breathtaking. Benny ran outside with my camera and took these shots...not too bad, heh? I think he's got a future....That's it for now..just thought I'd share these...


We B Scrappin'

Hi! Last weekend my girlfriend Catherine and I went to our charity scrapbooking event. It was in LA, it was all day, and it was AWESOME!!!!! We "won" all kinds of cool stuff, we learned new scrapbooking techniques, and ate and laughed a lot. We raised almost $5000 for the John Tracy Clinic and got to tour the site, which was pretty cool. Here are some super fun pics of our day.......

This is our table at the start of the day..pretty neat, heh?
This is the table as we worked-notice the huge piles in the middle of the table.
Me, of course. Man, I looked hot that day....
Catherine looking happy with her prizes she won.
Us at the end of the day, still scrappin' and lookin' pretty!!

Thanks to everyone who donated! We had a great time and we'll be doing it again soon, in the fall, and then hopefully in March. Catherine will be heading up one to raise money for her sisters with MS.



So, I was going through the house looking for my camera so I could download pics and post, and I couldn't find it. I was getting really frustrated and finally looked in Taylor's room, and there it was! I snatched it up, pulled out the memory card, and started to download. SURPRISE! Looks like Taylor had some fun with my camera. I was laughing so hard I cried, and I decided I have to post these (she's actually in a little bit of trouble and away at church camp this week, so she deserves this....). I'm not sure why she took these, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't planning on me finding them and posting them. O well. Finders keepers! Enjoy!

Notice the un-made bed in the background of this one...she was grounded all last week for not making her bed for 2 weeks. She proceeded to declare me "lame" and fight me about it all week long. She apparantly wasn't totally suffering while sitting in her room all that time....

Love you Taylor!

Happy Graduation Tay and DJ!

Well, it has happened. My children have officially started to grow up. On June 20th and 21st, DJ and Taylor were both "promoted" to their next grades. This means I now have a high schooler, a junior higher, and a sixth grader. We are so proud of all of them, they did very well in school and have really worked on to set a great example and be a great friend. Here are some pics....

Taylor has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and we are so proud of her. She turned 14 this year and is headed to Mission Viejo High School next year, which is where I went to High School.

Here's DJ's graduation....He is such a joy to us. He's sweet, sensitive, smart, and caring. We couldn't be prouder of his hard work and positive attitude. He's headed to 7th grade at La Paz Intermediate, which I also went to school at.

Love these pictures with family and friends. We continue to pray for our kids daily and trust that He has great things planned for them as they progress in life. We are so blessed by all of our kids and we are so grateful to God for entrusting us with them and for giving us guidance and wisdom in raising them. We pray that we can continue to raise them well.