Project Playlist

I have a MySpace and my BFF Cathie showed me how to create a playlist of all my favorite songs-so I thought I'd share. You go to http://www.projectplaylist.com/, sign up for free, and start searching for music you like! It's super easy. It basically takes the links from itunes and other websites and creates a media player that stores and plays your favorite songs for you-for free! They have every genre of music you can imagine and tons you've never dreamed of! I'm going to try to paste my playlist here, but if it doesn't work you can go to my myspace or to project playlist and look me up-it's under "hmac5". I'm so excited. Be warned though-I went a little crazy on my playlist-I went all the way back to the 80's rock and rap, threw in some country, some current rock, and tons of Christian music. I call my list "My Eclectica"-take a look and you'll see why....it's there, you just have to click on the "launch standalone player" button and my player will open in a new window....(or you can go to my myspace)....



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