Awesome beer girls take 2

On Saturday, we got to work quite possibly our favorite concert , the FishFest.

This is an all-day Christian music concert. Some of our favorite music acts were

there- Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Third Day, and our new fav Aaron Shust. We

worked all day, made a measly $6, but were blown away by the kindness,

positive attitudes, and general feel-goodness of the day. I think our favorite thing was looking out at the crowd from our stand and watching people, especially grown men, raise their hands and worship the Lord full out without shame. We couldn't stop taking pictures, because we wanted to remember that feeling-totally, unabashed, worship of the Lord. This is a picture of one of those guys-never met him, but couldn't take our eyes off of him (and others).

At one point, we were able to step out of the booth andworship with Chris Tomlin. We were sitting with my sister, Shannon, and got caught up in the moment. Before we knew it, we were praising and crying-it was breathtaking. The Lord was truly present that day (He is every day, but you know how sometimes you can actually feel it?) and we were wrapped up in His glory. It was amazing. Almost the whole family was there- Dad, Mom, Shannon, the twins, Tay, Mandy, and DJ. DJ got to work his first concert that day-he actually made more money than me! He had a great time. Taylor worked, too, and had fun with her BFF Nicole in their food stand. Here are some pics of that wonderful day....

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Shannon said...

What an awesome day!