Hello again! I mentioned in my last post that I joined a web forum called scrapbook.com, and boy did I get more than I bargained for! This website is not only a forum for discussion, it's a SUPER store (overwhelmingly huge), a discount spot, and a great place for tips and ideas. I logged in for a bit today and got a little overwhelmed with the offerings, in a good way. I particularly enjoyed one post called "each one, teach one", where one member posted all the links she could find to great tips for jsut about anything scrapbooking. There is something in there for everyone-all your questions answered. I loved it so much I made it one of my favorites. If you would like to see my "place", it's at www.scrapbook.com and my user name is "justaddyou", which happens to be the same name as my etsy shop. Anyways, i got a little excited and decided to blog about it, and now I'm signing off because I'm sick and I wanna go lay down. have a great weekend!


joshbaseball16 said...

This is Josh from class. I am glad to hear that your forum has been a success. My forum has been pretty lame so far, but I can finally post things. I think it will get a little bit better now. See you tomorrow for our first "skype class".

kballer14 said...

I am glad you love your forum! That is so awesome that you found a superstore in there! Sounds like you have a great new resource for your scrapbooking!