Back to School!

Ok, so I am back in school for next 9 weeks to "clear" my credential. I have to take two classes in order to renew it. They are mostly online and meet once a month in Azusa (woo hoo!) on Saturdays. I'm taking a computer class for teachers and a class on learning difficulties in students. They both seem pretty interesting. As part of my computer class, I had to join a forum of my choice, and start participating in discussions, then I have to blog about my experience. I joined "scrapbook.com" (of course) and starting posting today. It's pretty easy to navigate and I enjoy the discussions. It's going well so far. The good news is, most of the work is pretty easy and I'll be done on April 4th! Yippee!

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kballer14 said...

I've always wanted to get into scrapbooking but never have! Can't wait to read your posts about what you learn!