Sacramento 2008

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Hey! My class and I just returned from our 3-day trip to San Francisco and Sacramento. Here are some pics of our trip-we had a great time! I have about 200 more photos, but I thought I'd spare you all and show you a few. Have a great day!


CLR said...

Wow what a field trip!!! Love the song!!! Looks like you had an awesome time!!!

Love ya,

Shan said...

Mandy had sooooo much fun! Thank you for taking her - your the best Auntie ever :} XOXO

Cathi Hamen said...

SOOO fun!!! next year you can take your other niece Cami!! hee ha ha

Kristen said...

What a field trip! That looks like so much fun! What a blessing to be able to take a trip like that with your students. I am sure everyone was exhausted but well worth it.

It definitely makes me want to take a trip :o)