Happy Graduation Tay and DJ!

Well, it has happened. My children have officially started to grow up. On June 20th and 21st, DJ and Taylor were both "promoted" to their next grades. This means I now have a high schooler, a junior higher, and a sixth grader. We are so proud of all of them, they did very well in school and have really worked on to set a great example and be a great friend. Here are some pics....

Taylor has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and we are so proud of her. She turned 14 this year and is headed to Mission Viejo High School next year, which is where I went to High School.

Here's DJ's graduation....He is such a joy to us. He's sweet, sensitive, smart, and caring. We couldn't be prouder of his hard work and positive attitude. He's headed to 7th grade at La Paz Intermediate, which I also went to school at.

Love these pictures with family and friends. We continue to pray for our kids daily and trust that He has great things planned for them as they progress in life. We are so blessed by all of our kids and we are so grateful to God for entrusting us with them and for giving us guidance and wisdom in raising them. We pray that we can continue to raise them well.

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Cathi Hamen said...

So cute Heather!
Wow your kids are really growing up!! Congrats!
Go La Paz and MVHS!!