Scrapbooking for Charity!

I am branching out and have begun scrapbooking for charity! We found this really cool company called Scrapbook Royalty that sponsors scrapbooking sessions to raise money for different charities. It is really awesome! So, on July 14th, I'll be scrapbooking with my pal Catherine to raise money for the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles (the clinic supports families with children and infants with hearing loss). Here is the link if you want to check it out...http://www.scrapbookroyalty.com/jtc.html . I need to raise at least $100 for this charity, so if you like to donate any amount, as little as $5, I'll take it! Just let me know!

How this came about, you ask? Well, Catherine has two sisters with MS and when we saw this company at the Scrapbooking Convention in San Diego, she thought about doing a crop to raise money for MS research. So, she looked into it and the crop on the 14th will be our first, "experimental" crop. After we go, we'll be setting up a crop night to raise money for MS! It's so neat to see that we can put our passion to use to help others. I hope you'll support us, or at least check it out! :) See my list of favorite websites for their website. Love you all!

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Shannon said...

That is really cool! I'll give ya $10.00 as long as you do my scrapbooking :} Thats the deal right?