We B Scrappin'

Hi! Last weekend my girlfriend Catherine and I went to our charity scrapbooking event. It was in LA, it was all day, and it was AWESOME!!!!! We "won" all kinds of cool stuff, we learned new scrapbooking techniques, and ate and laughed a lot. We raised almost $5000 for the John Tracy Clinic and got to tour the site, which was pretty cool. Here are some super fun pics of our day.......

This is our table at the start of the day..pretty neat, heh?
This is the table as we worked-notice the huge piles in the middle of the table.
Me, of course. Man, I looked hot that day....
Catherine looking happy with her prizes she won.
Us at the end of the day, still scrappin' and lookin' pretty!!

Thanks to everyone who donated! We had a great time and we'll be doing it again soon, in the fall, and then hopefully in March. Catherine will be heading up one to raise money for her sisters with MS.

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Cathi Hamen said...

Looks like fun you two! Great work!
Let me know when Cath's event is, I will pass the word on to the group!
Rock on Heather you look fabbbulous!