I'm back!!

OK, so my friend Cathi just asked me to look something up on her blog, and I accidently went to my blog first....surprised I was to find that I have not blogged since August of 2009!!! What a tragedy of epic proportions...ok, not really, but I was taken a little aback. I originally started blogging awhile back, mainly to read my sister-in-law Lindsey's blog, as well as my other sisters' blogs, and then to keep the family and friends apprised of my somewhat crazy, somewhat ho-hum life. At times, it felt more like a chore, but most times I enjoyed sharing a bit of myself. I always liked going back to read what I posted. I guess somewhere over time, I lost my desire or got too busy, or something to continue with blogging...perhaps I was too adventurous, trying to blog daily, or trying to find something "catchy" to blog about weekly. I don't know why I stopped. I only know that today, for some reason, I am okay with posting again! Funny how life works...

Anyways, there is a lot to blog about and perhaps I'll try to relive the last two years bit and bit and recall as much as I can. Or perhaps I'll just let it go and start anew.....I have yet to decide.

So, today, after reading Cathi's post, I read that she posted an amazing "Real Woman's List". It spoke to me, and so I stole it from her blog....I hope it speaks to whoever reads this...probly no one, but I like the feeling of knowing it's out there, and I'm back!! :)

A Real Woman HAS..
A nest egg for personal use
Something perfect to wear if an employer or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour
A youth she is content to leave behind
A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, a hammer, and a black lace bra
A black dress and a white blouse
One friend who always makes you laugh
and one who lets her cry
A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family
Eight matching plates, goblets and a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honored...

A Real Woman KNOWS...
How to fall in love
How to quit a job
How to confront a friend without ruining the friendship
When to try harder.... and when to walk away
How to have a good time at a party she'd never choose to attend
That she can't change the length of her calves, or width of her hips, or nature of her parents
How to live alone... even if she doesn't like it
Whom she can trust. whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally
Where to go....be it to her best friend's kitchen or a charming inn...when her soul needs soothing
What she can and can't accomplish in a day, a month , a year

I am so THANKFUL & BLESSED that my heavenly Father loves and accepts me for who I am and not who I could be!
WHAT or WHO renews YOUR soul??

God is good all the time.

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