Catching up....

ok, so I'm a bit of a flake....I finally admit it....guess I can't deny it! O well, live and learn!! So, I have some catching up to do...

For Treat Yourself Tuesday (yesterday)...I got two doses of treats!! I got to have lunch and laughs with my teaching partners Donna and Karen...we had a yummy salad and fruit, and lots and lots of laughs while we prepared for the return to school. Wow-I can't believe in one week I report back and in 13 days....kids!!! Crazy how fast the summer goes...it sounds so cliche but it's so true...I have no idea how 2 months have gone by already!! :) Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my girls.

My 2nd treat was going to dinner and yogurt with the hubby...we didn't have our kids (Ben was at a friend's, Tay was at college group, and DJ is at my in-law's)...so when Donald got home, we decided to go get a bite. Very rare for midweek for us. So we hit up Jalapeno's for Taco Tuesday and then I got yummyyyyyyy Yogurtland. We also ran into a couple of friends and enjoyed some time with them. It was very nice! And what a great treat!

I have to say that I am really enjoying treating myself on Tuesdays...it has made me stop and put forth an effort to value myself-even if it's just a taco and yogurt!! I hope that you are at least attempting to treat yourself! :)

Sorry---no pictures from either event. Boo!!

Thanks for stopping by and please return tomorrow for my Thought for Thursday!!!

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